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Venture Giant can get you connected with a Venture Capitalist as we have them registered to us now.

Find Venture Capital with Venture Giant. Are looking for a simple and fast way to get your your investment proposal sent out directly to Venture Capitalists and are seeking a solution to access these groups and individuals then Venture Giant is the place for you.

Venture Giant is a UK based organisation that runs an online networking portal that connects Venture capitalists (VCs) and Angel investors with entrepreneurs seeking investment for their leading edge start-up idea or already profitable established business.

Investors and Venture Capitalists use Venture Giant because we offer them a diverse range of seed capital, early stage funding and Venture Capital opportunities that are only available through us. 

In turn, entrepreneurs benefit from being able to access this growing network of venture capitalists, high net worth individuals and Business Angel Investors.

As an Entrepreneur you can use Venture Giant as a portal to present and get your investment opportunity straight to this audience of investors that are actively seeking to invest their funds into Venture Capital projects just like yours. To maximise your chances of raising the investment you are seeking Venture Giant also facilitates the pooling of angel investment via angel syndicates. This means that you may also be able to raise the equivalent amount of angel investment that you were seeking but at much better deal terms than you would have through a Venture Capitalist! Not exploring the terms an angel investment syndicate could potentially provide you in comparison to a venture capital deal could be a costly mistake for you in the future, when a VC is looking to exit!

Submitting your investment proposal to us is truly a simple and streamlined process and once your venture capital investment proposal is approved, we will send it out to our entire database of investors and venture capitalists that have registered an interest in your industry, region and your investment range. 

Venture Giant further promotes your Venture Capital investment proposal by automatically sending it out to all new future investor account applications. This ensures that your investment proposal is also read by all new venture capitalist or angel investor signups.

We are so confident that we can get you Venture Capitalist interest that we have employed a pay on performance business model. This means that you will be invited to pay a one off listing fee of £99.00 when and IF an Investor makes contact with you. If you do not receive a Venture capitalist or angel investor contact, we will not have to pay anything, so there really is no risk on your part on submitting and using this service.

Venture Giant has a 52% contact rate between investors and entrepreneurs searching for Venture Capital. This is one of the highest contact rates in the industry, so sign up today, and your investment proposal could be live on our network in a few simple steps.

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 will not only provide your business with the vital funding you are seeking to raise but also with the experience and mentorship that can really take your business to the next level.

"Register now and let us find you an investor, no matter how niche or specialised your business is."

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Investors using Venture Giant

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Gerry O'Reilly, Entrepreneur raised £100,000 angel investment
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