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Small Business Funding and Startup Business Funding  

Small to mid-sized Business Funding made easy with
Venture Giant!

If you are a small business or an entrepreneur running a mid sized business and are looking for a fast and simple way to get your investment proposal out to business angel investors that are looking for business funding opportunities then Venture Giant is the place for you.

Venture Giant lists some of the best
small business funding opportunities currently available in the UK - and your business funding project could be out there in just a few simple steps.

To get an idea of the types of small business funding opportunities we present to angel investors daily, please
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Venture Giant is a business angel investment network that brings entrepreneurs seeking business funding together with Angel Investors, Angel syndicates and high net worth individuals.

After you submit a small business funding investment proposal to Venture Giant, we review it free of charge and offer help and suggestions to get it to the necessary standards so that you are investor ready and are in a position to attract investor interest.

Once your investment proposal in approved for the Venture Giant Network, we take over totally from here. We send your proposal out only to the angel investors, angel syndicates and High net worth’s that are specifically interested in investing in businesses like yours.

By not mass mailing your investment proposal, our small business funding investment deal flow is very relevant to what angel investors are actually looking for and this formula has proven very successful in getting the maximum exposure to the business funding proposals that we feature at the lowest possible cost.

Venture Giant does not charge a commission on any business funding, so both angel investors and entrepreneurs have nothing to lose and everything to gain by registering at Venture Giant.


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With the tremendous advantages offered in terms of business investment networking as well as extremely useful investment advice, your business funding proposal could be live on database in just a few simple steps.
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Remember, registering with Venture Giant is free, and uploading your proposal to us is free as well. We do all the work up to this point. And when an Investor shows interest you pay your fees to reveal their contact details.


Some useful links which will answer a lot of your questions:


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Entrepreneur FAQ:


Once registered our easy to use template will get us your proposal for review. If it is satisfactory, and meets our criteria, we will get your proposal live and sent out to registered HNW's and self certified investors for them to review. If after they review it, it is of interest to them, they will make contact with you.


End your search for venture capital or angel investment – register now at VentureGiant.com, where angel investors are always looking for investment proposals just like yours.


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