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Property Developer Raises £250,000 from investors - in talks for another £100,000  

Property Development Funding of £250,000 raised through Venture Giant - Property investor may invest a further £100k

A Property developer with a Real Estate Development project in Dulwich raised £250,000 of Property development funding through registered investors that contacted him through Venture Giant.
The Property investors, on a surprise twist, are now looking to invest more money into the project than was originally agreed.

Property Development Funding

AoB Properties listed a residential property development project on Venture Giant to raise funding in a sought after area of London.
A clear exit was placed for investors within only 10 months, offering an annualised ROI of 27%. The Property Funding proposal was a residential property development project where the site had already been identified and an offer accepted.
The Property developer already had exclusive access to this opportunity and at the time he listed the proposal on Venture Giant, the property was no longer on the market.
The Property developer at AoB Properties informed Venture Giant on the success from the investor contact received through the platform stating:
“I used Venture Giant and raised £150,000 from one investor for this property development project. However the investor actually raised the amount to £250,000 and is now keen to add another £100k to that!”
In response to how he found about Venture Giant – 

“Last year, I received a suggestion on Twitter and found out about Venture Giant”
The Property Developer went on to state that he was “very happy with it [Venture Giant] so far!”
So happy in fact, that the Property Developer has now listed another Property Funding Proposal on Venture Giant that is currently being promoted by us which can be seen on the above link.
Whilst there are growing concerns that the property market in 2016 may be overpriced, Venture Giant has seen many Investors still registering and looking to invest in Property development opportunities and many of these investors have cash to invest from existing businesses that they have exited from.
These investors typically are looking for exciting property opportunities to invest in but the consensus view has been that they would prefer to invest in an actual property development that works within a tangible time frame with a clear exit strategy in place, rather than investing in an open ended fund.
If you are a Property Developer, why not list your property development proposal on Venture Giant. We have a wide range of property investors looking to invest in Property Developers. Head over to the Entrepreneur section by clicking on the link below.

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