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Farokh Engineer, Cricket legend endorses Venture Giant as a brilliant place to find investors  

Legendary Cricketer, Farokh Engineer Endorses Venture Giant


Farokh Engineer, the well respected and renowned former cricket wicket-keeper that played for India and Lancashire has endorsed Venture Giant - a London based alternative investment funding platform - as the best place in the UK for SMEs and entrepreneurs to find investors for their business.

Farokh Engineer endorsed Venture Giant 
in a live filming event at St. James Court located close to Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.



The opportunity for Farokh Engineer came whilst he was on the Cricket Field exciting thousands of cricket fans with his performances during a distinguished international career between 1959 and 1976.

He played 46 tests and kept wicket at the World Cup in 1975 also playing for India and Lancashire, UK.

Off the cricket field, 
Engineer worked and represented very high profile Global companies including representing Global brands as brand ambassador which included being the first Indian sports super star to represent Brylcreem. More recently he has also become Brand Ambassador of a UK Law firm and all of this has certainly taught Engineer a thing or two about being an entrepreneur.

During an interview filmed at St James Court
, Buckingham Gate, Farokh Engineer stated:


'Venture Giant really is something very special'

Engineer also stated that he was proud of the Founder, Rishi Anand for all of the work he has done for UK Entrepreneurs through Venture Giant and would support him whole heartedly.

He continued to state that Venture Giant’s success in the UK has been exemplary and they have been responsible for helping many entrepreneurs and small businesses in the UK raise millions of pounds by connecting them to investors.

VentureGiant.com is an alternative investment platform established in 2010.


The investor funding platform has received 3000+ sophisticated investor requests since its launch and the combined pool of funds that investors have stated they are looking to invest in UK businesses stands at just shy of £2.9bn.


The Alternative investment financing platform has received over 20,000 registrations from UK small business.

Venture Giant caters for all sectors that include property, technology and even consumer goods. The Alternative investment platform connects entrepreneurs with investors.

As Farokh Engineer stated during his filming session, Venture Giant is all about about turning dreams and businesses into reality. Engineer continued to say that he is very of the service and supports them wholeheartedly.

Engineer will also be assisting Venture Giant to promote it’s activities to BRIC based investors and will be assisting Venture Giant to bring high profile investors both from the UK and internationally to the platform.

Excerpts of the Video Interviews filmed at St. James Court are available to view below:











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