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We have published full success stories and reviews from entrepreneurs that have successfully raised investment through Venture Giant. 

Worthy of note is that a large amount of deals have remained unpublished as entrepreneurs (or investors) have chosen to keep their investment deals confidential.

From Pages 3 onwards, we have have also provided valuable resources and articles for entrepreneurs that are looking to get their pitch and business investment ready.


Angel Investor Help below

Angel Investor and Entrepreneur Alert - The industry experience of your management team has a significant influence on the investor's perception of the viability of your business proposal. It is very important to check for contradictions in your business proposal that could be challenged.

The ideal growth strategy that you pitch to an angel investor will usually be influenced by your enthusiasm and ambition of where you want to see your business or company in 5 years. Always remember that Angel investors are searching for future potential and this article explores all of the viable growth methods available to an entrepreneur and the expansion methods in particular that an Angel investor will like more than others!

Have you ever wandered how you intend to approach an angel investor when you have received an Angel Investor contact from Venture Giant? Remember, the decision to invest in you will not be made on the spot during your initial approach however the decision NOT TO invest may just well be - so don't talk yourself out of an opportunity. This how to guide is essential reading.

The more scalable your business is, the more interest it will attract from angel investors. Ideally, your business plan should be carefully crafted to support scalability and growth on a city wide, state, country, and/or Global level. Your Angel investment proposal should create a cookie cutter template model that is and can be easily rolled out.

It's very important that the entrepreneur detach themselves from the emotional connection to the business and think in terms of what's best for the business when considering Angel Investment. Valuing your company correctly before meeting an angel investor will ensure that you can get the best possible deal in terms of investment vs. equity. Knowing the true value of your business will ensure that you can walk away in confidence if the price offered by an angel investor is genuinely to low.

How much cash have you invested into the business so far? Angel Investors want to see as much investment from an entrepreneur as possible. The rationale is if an entrepreneur has a serious financial vested interest in their company and its success, the entrepreneur will likely work harder to insure the business succeeds.

Venture Giant is not the only place on the internet that can locate and assist you in finding Business Angel Investors that are interested in investing in you or your business. Venture Giant explores the different methods of attracting angel investment and finding an angel investor that may be able to provide you with a level of support and mentoring that will get your product and service to the next level!

You should NEVER pay a legitimate Angel Investor any upfront money for them to invest in your business. Of course there is nothing wrong with paying for a matching service on an online angel investment network or deal review fee to an angel network group like Venture Giant, but these fees are nominal and cover the service or group overhead. Read more.

Knock the socks of an Angel Investor with the most hard hitting elevator pitch you can muster! As an entrepreneur that is ready to discuss his/her investment proposal or invention to an Angel Investor that is looking to invest in early stage, seed, concept or existing business', this short article prepared by Venture Giant will guide you through the rocess of improving your winning elevator pitch. Essential reading!

When starting a new company, the reality of business often dictates that the Founder will have to go for a period of time without taking a regular salary and until profits allow for it. If an entrepreneur or a new company is using a considerable portion of debt or Angel investor funds to finance their wage/salary without the company showing any profits - this will be viewed as a serious red flag to Angel Investors.

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"All the investors I met through Venture Giant were amazing and the investors I turned down were all keen to be considered if future financing was needed"

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Sarah Tindle, Woman Entrepreneur, Derbyshire, Closed £50,000 investment deal through Venture Giant
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